Friday, July 13, 2012

Traveling-Tall-Tale Wednesday

It's Sunday in Ohio. Church and breakfast are the day's priorities for the natives. David, my traveling companion, and I are nearing Delaware, OH and David requests a pit-stop. Foretelling, because no sooner had we pulled over, then I saw grey goo squirting from the tire of the trailer in tow. (right side) After a trip inside myself, thinking, "maybe the grey goo is just normal, you know, like sweating," I retruned to pancake flatness. Time to put the spare on. But first, we needed to unload the trailer, probably about 800 pounds of wood in managable batches. That done, I realized we have no lug wrench and a trip inside confirmed that our handy pit stop didn't go as far as servicing vehicles (They would later also not be able to even offer me air, "oh, they took that out a year ago..") Traveling about 20 miles, I purchased a lug wrench from a very nice man at Advanced Auto Parts. I then returned to where I had left David, the trailer and all the trailer's contents. But wait, I jumped! The nuts had been removed by some kind fellow traveller with a spark plug socket. Great! I used the new wrench on the other tire--you see, the spares were a different size than the originals, so if we changed one, we changed both. Next, fill with air.  I used a small electric pump I just happened to have in the back of my truck. A little water on the tire to test for leaks and bummer; Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles.." became more than just a fun song. The spares leaked. (Time check: 3hours since we pulled off.) Now David and I both ditch the trailer and all my wood, strewn about the front lawn of the service area, to go find tires, on a Sunday, in Ohio. I knew from years experience that most components of a sculpture look like trash to civilians. So I trusted no one would steal my stuff. After a long trip through rural OH, we hit Delaware proper and I went into the first open store I see, a Tattoo parlour. So this is where the other half hangs until 1pm. The nicest man directed me toTractor Service Center "just down the road," which always turns out to be an eternity if you're not from the area. So, 4 hours into the stop, we have 2 new tires. An hour later we are on the road.

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